Madison 2 Months Old

Yesterday Madison turned 2 months old. She has grown very quickly and is the best. She smiles and coos at you. She has so many stories to tell already. She does floor time like a champ tummy and on her back. Curious to see what the next month will hold for us! The picture is of her in her halloween costume, supergirl. 


My Best Friend

This guy right here is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. He is my best friend and even better my husband. We have had some pretty tough times but no matter what is has been we have pulled through. With bad times there are always the good times. He knows how to crack me up and is always very supportive. I seriously can’t imagin life without him even if that is to much of a cliché. He is my rock, he is mone to cherish each and evedyday. I love you babe. 5 years strong and many many more to go. 

Year 5-wood

Ben got me a wine box with a bottle a wine. I made him the hammer. Burned in toit is: Building a life together…back side Since 2011. 

Sitting at the Kitchen Table

I am sitting here at my kitchen table looking into the living room waiting for dinner to bake. I can see G sitting in the chair, Carson leaning on the ottman, Madison swinging in the swing, and Ben relaxing on the couch. The smell of house smells of fall while the wind blows like crazy outside. The house is quiet even with all of us in here.I sit here looking at my family and just feel like the luckiest person alive. We may all fight with each other and the boys get a little out of hand but what family doesn’t. I couldn’t imagin life with out each of them. They all play a role, even the dogs have a role. I have always like the posts about my house is for living not for display and by golly it is and we do we live in this house. Yeah our house can get pretty out of control, but you know what that means? It means that we are talking to each other, we are watching a movie, we are playing with toys, we are making noise and having a good time. The silence doesn’t last long in this house and if it to quiet one should be worried. People in this world get to hung up on keeping everything neat and perfect and forget to live a little. They miss out on opportunities or turn their children away. I am not saying give up and not do any of it, but to relax a bit that last load of laundry can wait 20 minutes or the toys all over the living room can hang out. Just remember that the kids are only kids for a little while a clean house can wait. Never take what you have for granted. Truely appreciate what God has given you even the smallest of things. 

Mom Duties

Good ol’ mom duties. This is the code I use when I have to take time out of my day to pump milk for little girl. I have done this with all three of my kids, but this time around  I seem to be doing a lot better. For once I am actually over producing and have more milk that she needs right now. Which for me is awesome I have a really go stash going on in my freezer and I feel so confident. She is growing so fast and just looks so healthy I could not ask for better results for her. My diet has drastically changed since my first child and I have made it an overall goal to drink a gallon of water a day. My thoughts that with both of those combined she and I are getting what we need to grow together. Other thoughts are my work environment is not as stressful and I have a nice room that I can comfortably pump in with no interruptions or fear of being walked in on. Next would be my pump, I have a Medela Advance Pump in Style and it is amazing! Does the job quick and efficiently. I pump three times a day and by the end of the week I am swimming in left over milk. Sounds weird but you know what being able to raise a child completely by what is in your boobs is awesome! Everyone if they can should at least give it a try. It isn’t for everyone, but it is a cool experience.