Sitting at the Kitchen Table

I am sitting here at my kitchen table looking into the living room waiting for dinner to bake. I can see G sitting in the chair, Carson leaning on the ottman, Madison swinging in the swing, and Ben relaxing on the couch. The smell of house smells of fall while the wind blows like crazy outside. The house is quiet even with all of us in here.I sit here looking at my family and just feel like the luckiest person alive. We may all fight with each other and the boys get a little out of hand but what family doesn’t. I couldn’t imagin life with out each of them. They all play a role, even the dogs have a role. I have always like the posts about my house is for living not for display and by golly it is and we do we live in this house. Yeah our house can get pretty out of control, but you know what that means? It means that we are talking to each other, we are watching a movie, we are playing with toys, we are making noise and having a good time. The silence doesn’t last long in this house and if it to quiet one should be worried. People in this world get to hung up on keeping everything neat and perfect and forget to live a little. They miss out on opportunities or turn their children away. I am not saying give up and not do any of it, but to relax a bit that last load of laundry can wait 20 minutes or the toys all over the living room can hang out. Just remember that the kids are only kids for a little while a clean house can wait. Never take what you have for granted. Truely appreciate what God has given you even the smallest of things. 


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