A Day with Mommy 

Yesterday Genson and I enjoyed a day together in Scottsbluff. We both had doctor appointments and decided to habe a fun time together. 

After I picked him up from school we went home to eat lunch. I made his favorite, mac and cheese, and let him eat in the living room he loved it so much 

After lunch we headed to Scottsbluff. he asked about a nap and I told him he could sleep in the car. He told me he wasn’t going too but….

We finally got to the doctors and we went in he weighs 39lbs and is around 34 inches tall. He did great considering the last time he had a total melt down. The doctor looked in his ears and found a rock all happily snuggled up in his ear. Took about 5 minutes to dig out but he did great and didn’t move. Rock was about pea sized. With that he has an ear infection and a hole in his ear drum. Hopefully it is not too bad , but will have it checked out. 

After my appointment we decided to go get some ice cream to reward him for being so good and so very brave! 

We then headed home to go get his antibiotics and to go home. it was such a wonderful day with him and he was just amazing. Love you G!


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