This is difficult…to busy living

For the last, I don’t know, week or so I have been trying to take some time to write another blog or heck just post something just to keep going on this. I am finding that it is actually very difficult to post each day or to even find an open 10 minutes to just not do a single thing. The reason this is so hard is because I am simply too busy living my life. This is not a complaint, this is amazing. I have this crazy little family, but it is my crazy little family. We are busy having a great time as a family. Ben and I trying to raise theses three crazy kids and well it is a roller coaster. It is three against 2 and the odds are in their favor.  

Ben and I are a great team. We take these three on like it is pure Donkey Kong time. The boys are loud, crazy, and never sitting still. Dinner is on the table ready eat, let’s go! Then it is back to playing, feeding baby, and watching the boys beat each other up. That alone takes the energy out of you. Have you ever watched your children, grandchildren, neices, or nephews just play? It’s ehausting right?

Then it is bed time. A time that parents get that one episode or that time to just relax, but any parent would know that this is only temporary. The kids are only quiet for a few minutes then they need another drink of water, or another hug and kiss good night (that you never pass up on) or are simply afraid of the dark. So up and down you go trying to get them to stay in their beds. There is the work out that you have been trying  to find time for :-).

Show is over and you have to go too bed, but this little human you created is thinking otherwise. Compromise is no longer an option. You take them to bed with you or they pass out on the couch either way it is time for sleep. I do love when they come and get in bed with us. We have never turned them away, but you do not get the sleep you normally do when you have space to spread out. 

Sacrafic and compromise that is what parents do because…… guessed it, because we love our children and we want them to feel loved in every way. Yes each day is a new challenge as they are growing and learning. Their is so much going on it their tiny little bodies that sometimes they don’t even understand what is going on or how they express their feelings. They are what adults want to be able to do. Somedays I would love to just have a temper tantrum, but nope thats not adult like. You get it I am sure. They are our inner children and true blessings. So no matter how hard the day or how difficult your 2 year may be cherish each moment of it. They are little only for a little while. 



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