I Lie to My Kids

Yeah I lie to my kids. I lie to my kids every damn day. Who doesn’t? Every parent that reads this will admit they lie to their kids and I would bet it is a daily thing. Some would say you shouldn’t lie to your children, well guess what that is life. I lie about that delicious snack that I was caught eating is yucky or even better that it was all gone. I lie about their toys being broken because the batteries are dead and we do not have anymore left. I lie about how long dinner will be because well it will be done when it is done. Not like they have a watch and going to be like “Mom you said 10 minutes and I see here you have exceeded that time by 5”. Yeah not going to happen.pinocchio-nose-570x399

I have lied about my legs being broken because I didn’t want to go get the toy they are asking for that they could fully go get themselves. I lie about Grandma being asleep because it is just not time to leave yet. Because I tell them it is not time yet and they just don’t get it. They want a reason as to why we can’t leave right now versus later. Well sweetie Grandma is sleeping and when she wakes up we will go see her when Grandma has probably been up for a while. 🙂

I lie that some of their shows do not work, because if I have to watch another round of Scooby Doo 2 I might go out of my mind. I lie that a button won’t work on the flashlight so that they will stop blinding me in the eye every two seconds.

I lie and if that is wrong then I don’t want to be right (cliche I know) but honestly who doesn’t lie to their kids? Sometimes kids just don’t understand what you are telling them. Sneaking a snack or not wanting watch the same movie for the 4th time in a row (record on Scooby Doo is 5). Yeah we preach sharing and not lying and then we turdd1a86e4eca927a5144c209528fd801bn around and lie about our snacks or when we will be leaving, but again that is how it works. They don’t have a sense of time and they want everything! Doesn’t matter, if they see it they want it and well you know what they can’t have it lol. That treat was my moment for myself and nobody else. Did I share with Daddy? Heck no. So I am not going to share with you tiny people. I can hear it now:

Carson:”Mommy what’s that?”me (mouth full of chocolate bar) “nothing, yucky food”


Me: “yep yucky” (finishes snack quickly)

and that is usually the end of it. No harm done. Unfortunate that I didn’t get to really appreciate my snack, but the concept its there.  I love my children, but sometimes they do not need what we have or can do it themselves. Yeah lying can be bad and hurtful, but it can be used in a manner that causes no harm. Some will agree and other will disagree, but for our house no harm no foul. Just another day in our house with two parents again just trying to do their best and not raise children that get everything they want just because they want it.

All this from:

A Mom Who is Trying


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